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The Body Shop – Drops Of Light Brightening Serum.

Get The Glow With The Lightweight ,Fast Absorbing Brightening Serum!!

Serum gives your  thirsty skin a dose of moisture , add brightness and gives clear glowy skin .Serum directly penetrate deeply into the skin and target your  specific skin concerns  that delivers clear skin.I have oily skin and acne scares is a big concern for me.So i was searching for a serum that can help to reduce my acne scars and has moisturizing  effect as well.I recently got to try The Body ShopDrops Of Light Brightening Serum.This serum is enriched with Red Algae and Vitamin C to help skin appear brighter and more luminous.



Product Details:

  • A very light weight serum that absorbs quickly into the skin.
  • Clinically proven to reduce the dark spots.
  • Leaves skin plumped with moisture.
  • Add brightness and gives the luminous skin.
  • With regular use ,skin appears smoother ,more healthy and translucent.


Price: Rs. 2,450 for 30ml.

My Experience: The serum comes in a beautiful white glass bottle with a dropper.The serum is very lightweight and gets absorb easily into the skin.It has clear watery texture and lovely floral fragrance.I use this serum twice in a day.Only 2-3 drops are required to cover my full face.The lightweight consistency absorbs quickly and moisturize my face . The serum is enriched with Red Algae and Vitamin C to help skin appear brighter and luminous.I use this serum every morning and night and I am happy with the results.It helps to reduce my scars and gives instant fresh look to the skin.It works great for oily skin but if you have a dry skin ,you would need  a good moisturizer .



I recommend this serum for dull and uneven skin.This is very nice brightening serum and gives fresh look to skin.which serum do you use??

Be Beautiful!!



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Marks & Spencer Beauty- Hand & Body Lotion.

Condition And Nourish Your Skin,Leaving It Beautifully Scented!!

A healthy and soft skin is what most of us looking for in every season.A good body lotion nourish your skin and gives healthy glow.Today I am sharing my go to pampering   hand and body lotion from  M & S. from their Floral Collection.The body lotion is simply amazing and made for all skin types.This lotion will add freshness and moisture to your skin.


Product Details:

  • Gently moisturises.
  • Delicately Fragrances.
  • No animal Testing.

Price: Rs.399/- for 250ml.

The lotion is very creamy and smells amazing.I use little amount and massage all over my body and hands.I use it right after my shower and before sleeping.It leaves my skin moisturized.I really like the fragrance.This lotion condition my skin ,leaving it beautifully scented.The lotion smells amazing.The scent is calming and refreshing.



The packaging is nice and classy.The lotion comes in white Pump bottle,which is easy to use and you will get right amount.The lotion is in white color and has nice consistency.The creamy formula melts straight in and leaves skin so soft.It provides hydration up to 4-5 hours.The formula absorbs quickly without leaving dry or oily effect. The lotion works wonderful in every season.



I highly recommend this luxurious lotion from their Floral Collection and I am sure you will like their calming scent.I love their packaging and they are perfect to gift your loved ones.Have you tried these body lotion?Which fragrance you liked the most?

Be Beautiful!



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Banish Blemishes with The Body Shop -Tea Tree Mattifying Lotion

Banish Blemishes And Get Ready For Clear And Clean Skin!!!

Tea Tree is a powerful natural ingredient used in facial care products.It has powerful healing properties.Tea Tree is used to treat acne.Tea tree oil contains anti Microbial properties which kill the acne causing bacteria.It reduces scars.Tea tree oil moisturizes and restores natural oil of the skin.What if you get Tea Tree soothing and moisturizing properties in your daily moisturizer.Yess!! You can get Tea Tree Oil Benefits in your moisturizer.The Body Shop-Tea Tree Mattifying lotion that contains purifying Tea Tree Oil.


Product Details:

  • A light,non-oily moisturizing lotion for blemished skin.
  • Provides lightweight hydration.
  • Control shine and gives matte finish.
  • Easily absorbed.
  • Antibacterial action.

Price: Rs 995/- for 50ml.

The lotion comes in a green colored plastic tube with a black flip top cap.The packaging is sturdy and travel friendly.The lotion is light weight and white in color.It has mild tea tree fragrance that I like the most.The fragrance is very refreshing. The formula is very light and get absorbed into the skin easily.I use it after cleansing and toning everyday.The formula is non sticky and controls  shine.It contains  Purifying Tea Tree Oil that helps to control acne and reduces scars.This lotion is perfect for Summer to control oil and shine from your skin.I use this lotion as my makeup base ,it moisturize my skin and gives perfect base my for makeup.



If you have oily skin / Blemish skin/Acne prone skin then this is the perfect moisturizer for you.It has the goodness of tea tree oil that will give a clear and clean skin.Have you tried this lotion??




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Skincare With Bio-Oil

Make Your Beauty Regimen More Effective With Bio-Oil!!


Dry ,Itchy,Flaky skin,Lifeless,Uneven skin tone,Aging skin?? This One’s for you!!

Hello Lovelies! Today I am Sharing a Skincare oil-Bio-Oil that helps to  improve appearance of scars,uneven skin tone,Stretch marks.It’s also effective for aging and dehydrated skin.The oil is very light and can be used for the  face and body to moisturize the skin.



Bio oil is formulated with plant extracts and Vitamins.It’s unique formulation which contains the breakthrough ingredient PurCellin Oil ,makes it light and non-greasy consistency.There are many ingredients included in Bio-Oil like Calendula oil,Rosemary oil,Chamomile oil,Lavender oil,Vitamin A,Vitamin E to make more effective skincare oil.

The oil comes in transparent plastic bottle with white screw cap.The packaging is sleek ,sturdy and completely leakage proof.(Travel Friendly). The oil looks orange in color but it turns transparent as soon as it comes outside the bottles. The oil smells nice (Herbal Smell). The formula is very light and non-greasy which get absorbed very fast in your skin.This is a specialist oil for all skin types(Oily,Dry,Sensitive Skin). This skincare oil helps to improve the appearance of both new and old Scars,Stretch Marks,uneven skin tone,dehydrated skin.It works good as an intensive moisturizer.It is ideal as bath oil.I use it on my hairs to tame split ends.You can use this oil directly on your scares or your acne marks.


I use this oil on my face every night for my acne marks and uneven skin tone and on my body for dryness.I take few drops and massage it on my face and body.It absorbs quickly and goes deep into the skin. It is recommended that  apply the oil twice daily for a minimum 3 months.I have been using it for the last few weeks and I have seen good results.I will continue it for the best results. I highly recommend this multitasking oil to everyone.Have you tried this oil??

Shop Here: Amazon.


Be Gorgeous


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Moisturize Dry Frizzy Hair-The Body Shop Banana Shampoo

Lock moisture in your hair….

Coloring,straightening ,blow-drying can damage your hair.Plus,the chemical shampoo we use may strip moisture from hair and our hair can lose shine and luster.Maintaining chemical treated and colored hair is not easy as they may damage easily.Dry hair,Dull hair,Split ends,Tangled hair is the result of lack of moisture in your hair.Whatever your hair problem,Banana is a sure solution.Yess!!It will add shine and moisture to your tresses.But it may be little messy to use banana as a hair mask. It will be good to get the goodness of Banana in your shampoo.So Today I am sharing The Body Shop Banana shampoo that contains real Banana puree .



Product Details:

  • Gently Cleanses.
  • Leaves Hair Shiny.
  • Cruelty -free.

Price: Rs. 795/- for 250ml.

My Experience: The shampoo comes in a transparent plastic bottle with black flip top lid.The shampoo is in yellow color and has banana scent.The shampoo has thin consistency and leathers well with water.I use small amount to massage into my scalp and  then rinse with normal water.The shampoo cleanses my hair,remove oil from my scalp and gives instant bounce to my hair.It moisturizes my hair and gives instant shine . The shampoo contains real banana puree that lock moisture in hair.I have oily scalp but my hair is dry and dull.This shampoo remove oil from my scalp and moisture my dull hair.This shampoo is perfect for me.



I highly recommend this shampoo to you.Whatever you hair problem,it works good on all hair problems.Have you tried this product??Which shampoo do you use ?


Be Gorgeous


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Fabindia-Haldi Chandan Soap Free Face Cleansing Gel.

Haldi-Chandan For Your Beautiful skin….

Haldi-Chandan are the Ancient  ingredients to good skin.These two ingredients are used on generation after generation to get clear glowing skin.There are so many beauty benefits of Haldi-Chandan.Today I am Sharing Fabindia-Haldi Chandan Soap Free Face Cleansing Gel.Fabindia products are based on ancient beauty secrets and their products are made from Traditional Techniques,Skills,and Hand Based processes.


Product Details:

  • A mildly fragrant,gentle soap free face cleanser.
  • Soften and clear oily skin.
  • Remove dirt and impurities from the skin.
  • Retain natural moisture of the skin.
  • No Parabens,No Sulphates.


Price: Rs.295/- for 120ml.


My Experience: The face wash comes in plastic tube with traditional block print design on it.The face wash is  a clear gel which leathers well with water.I use small amount of face wash on wet face and massage it in circular motion and then wash off with clear water.The key ingredients are Haldi-Chandan which is the best thing.The face wash  has nice Chandan Fragrance.The face wash remove oil,dirt and impurities while retaining the natural moisture of the skin.I use light moisturizer after the wash.




I recommend this face wash as it is soap free natural cleanser.Use daily to clean your  face and reduce acne.

Happy Summer!!


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PLUM-Green Tea Face Care

Manage Oily Skin with Plum Green Tea Face Care…

With the arrival of Summer,Face care is must for oily skin.Oily skin is difficult to manage in Summer .High heat and Humidity contributes to more oily skin.We need a  good  Face care range (Cleanser,Toner and Moisturizer) that can work gentle and effective on skin. PLUM-Green Tea Face Care is complete care for oily and acne prone skin.It includes a gentle Deep Cleansing Face Wash,a non drying Alcohol-Free Toner,and a Light moisturizer.

  • Plum is free of Parabens,Phthalates,SLS,DEA & PAPA.
  • 100% Vegan.


Green Tea Pore Cleansing Face Wash: Cleansing is the first step to clear glowing skin.This Soap Free face wash has mild particles(Cellulose Beads) which helps to deep  cleanse with mild exfoliation.It leathers well and remove dirt,oil from the skin.The face wash is light green in color and has refreshing green tea fragrance.Green tea helps to control acne .

Price : Rs.345/- for 75ml.


Green Tea Alcohol -Free Toner:Toning is an essential step of skin care regime to get clear,glowing and toned skin.Plum Green Tea Toner is 100% Alcohol Free.It comes in a plastic bottle.It looks clear like a water and has refreshing  Green tea fragrance .It does not dry face like alcohol toner.It helps to hydrate,clarifies and tones the skin.I use it after washing my face.I pour small quantity on my palm and splash on my face.You can use cotton and softly dab onto your skin.Don’t wipe the toner on your skin.

Price: Rs.380/- for 200ml.


Green Tea Mattifying Moisturizer: This is my favorite moisturizer.It comes in a plastic pump bottle which is easy to use and travel friendly.This is 100% Silicon Free moisturizer. The formula is very light.It gives matte finish and feels very light on my face.This is the best moisturizer for Oily Skin which hydrates the skin and gives matte non shiny finish.Click Here Plum Green Tea mattifying Moisturizer for complete review.

Price: Rs.450/- for 50ml.


Shop Here: PLUM.


This complete face care set is great to manage oily skin.If your skin is oily then this range is for you.Have you tried this range??