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Be Your Own Best Friend!!

Hello Everyone!! Happy Friendship Day!! It is a time to wish all friends and let them know how much they mean to you.True friends are hard to find ,so if you have one you are the lucky person in this world.Everyone wants a good friend who listen to you,supports you .But without  becoming your own best friend ,we will never appreciate and respect the other people in our lives.First search a good friend in yourself internally without seeking it externally.


There are many benefits of becoming more self reliant.Its better to know how to support yourself,your strengths and make yourself comfortable.Here’s how to become your own best friend.

  • Me Time: Taking time for yourself is good.If you  give yourself a good time you will be happy and feel refreshed.No one can make you more happy better than yourself.Be happy and spread happiness.Listen good music,do some painting,gardening or anything good to make yourself connected with this world.
  • Discover You: Spend time to discover ‘A good you’. Your personality,your hobbies.Discover positive things rather than negative things.
  • Listen To Your Body: Adopt healthy lifestyle.Don’t treat your body badly,don’t ignore, Don’t treat your body terribly with Physical,Emotional and Psychological pressures.Listen to the needs of your body.Do meditation,Yoga ,eat healthy food.
  • Set Goals: Set goals for yourself and achieve them.
  • Treat Yourself: Enjoy a relaxing massage ,Buy something special gift for yourself.For me makeup is a special gift.LoL!!
  • Compliment Yourself: Compliment Yourself and discover a good and positive things in you.

So Friends this friendship day give yourself and your friend A Good friend for life,that no one can take away from you.Happy Friendship Day!!

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Be Your Own Friend. Be happy. Be Gorgeous.