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Give Gift Of Love To The One You Love Ft. Zouk.

Lets Explore The Rich Indian Heritage In Modern Avatar with Zouk!!

I love handmade products.They are made of a whole lot of love,creativity and uniqueness.Giving a handmade product is truly the essence of gift giving..Today I am so much excited to be partnering up with  my favorite brand Zouk,which adds head-turning color and pattern to their handmade bags.All bags are handcrafted by expert artisans and are perfect for gifts.This Valentines Day give gift of love to the one you love.

Check their full website here: Zouk
Scroll down to see my pick from their collection.
Zouk MaroWave  is a beautiful side sling bag with adjustable strap.The bag is made with Vegan leather and fabric and this combination adds Indian and modern touch to the bag.The  print and color add flirty and feminine touch.The sling bag is Ideal for carrying all your travel essentials like wallet, battery bank, small bottle, phone, charger, small diary, pen, passport and many more.You can style the bag with Indian and Western wear.
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You Are Never Too Old To Reinvent Yourself- Steve Harvey

Reinventing yourself can give you a new perspective on life.It helps to discover new person in you.It gives you confidence ,positive energy, and keep you encouraged to work hard.

The power is within us .Choose to be happy and think positive.Focus on good things ,help and respect each other.


Happy New Year!!

“Think Positive And Grow Rich”



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Floral Jacket Ft. SHEIN.

Look Stylish ,Look Fashionable!!

Layering is the best way to look Stylish and Fashionable,it adds style to any outfit you wear.Jackets are the essential layering piece for both Summer and Winters.You can style a jacket in many ways.It looks equally cool on any body type .Today I am partnering up with  SHEIN. and super excited to share my favorite Floral Jacket from their collection .SHEIN has a huge collection of Jackets at affordable prices.

SHEIN offers on trend styles for both young women and teens.Shein is the ultimate one -stop-shop for the modern yet economical fashionista.They offer latest fashion trends from around the globe.SHEIN aims to provide the highest trendy pieces while maintaining their quality and best service.SHEIN has a huge collection of beautiful dresses,tops,and accessories at affordable prices .I can spend hours on their website .

Shop Here: SHEIN Press Button Placket Botanical Jacket

For today’s post I am wearing Floral Jacket from their collection.It has full sleeves and multicolored floral print.The fabric has no stretch and extra lining inside the jacket.The colorful floral print is giving a  feminine makeover to the jacket.You can style this jacket with any outfit.I styled this with black crop top and with high waist black jeans.

If you are looking for a jacket for all occasions and seasons then you should check their website SHEIN. Scroll down to check images.





Shop Here:

Be Beautiful


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Women’s Fashion Accessories Ft. SHEIN.


Look Stylish With The Latest Collection Of Accessories!!

A great accessory can add life to your old and boring outfit and make your look complete. Accessories add fun to any outfit .Accessories can transform your basic look to chic and stylish look.Today I am sharing my favorite accessories from  SHEIN. SHEIN has a huge collection of beautiful dresses,tops and accessories at affordable prices.Scroll down to see my Wishlist from their awesome collection.

SHEIN offers on trend styles for both young women and teens.Shein is the ultimate one -stop-shop for the modern yet economical fashionista.They offer latest fashion trends from around the globe.SHEIN aims to provide the highest trendy pieces while maintaining their quality and best service.SHEIN has a huge collection of beautiful dresses,tops,and accessories at affordable prices .I can spend hours on their website .

Hope y’all like my pick!! Click on the links to buy .

Minimalist Rectangle Lens Sunglasses

Chunky Frame Cat Eye Sunglasses

Tinted Lens Sunglasses

Crocodile Print PU Shoulder Bag

Pebble Detail Grab Bag

Color Block Faux Diamond Drop Earrings

Tassel Drop Open Triangle Earrings

Round Disc Tassel Drop Earrings

Metal Ball Detail Ankle Socks 3Pairs


Minimalist Rectangle Lens Sunglasses


Chunky Frame Cat Eye Sunglasses


Tinted Lens Sunglasses



Crocodile Print PU Shoulder Bag


Pebble Detail Grab Bag


Colorblock Buckle Detail Shoulder Bag



Beaded & Chain Detail Long Drop Earrings


Tassel Drop Open Triangle Earrings


Green Dripping Tassel Earrings



Contrast Buckle Belt



Metal Ball Detail Ankle Socks 3Pairs


All Images Are From SHEIN.

Which one is your favorite?

Be Beautiful


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Nourish Your Tired Feet ft. Himalaya FootCare Cream.

quicksquare_2018410195051548Nourish and Moisturize Your Cracked Heels & Rough Feet With Himalaya’s FootCare Cream!!

Dry and crack heels are something we all deal with.Dryness can cause itchy,dry and flaky feet.We can protect our feet from dryness by using a good foot cream.So today I am partnering up with Himalaya Wellness to share their new FootCare Cream and tips to make your feet soft  and smooth.

Himalaya FootCare Cream

Price: Rs. 110 for 50g.

Shop Here: Himalaya FootCare Cream.


Himalaya FootCare Cream comes in a tube packaging .Which is easy to use and easy to travel with . The cream is beige in color.The formula is creamy and thick in texture.Which is good for dryness,as our feet are the driest part of our body.This cream cares cracked  heels and rough feet with natural ingredients.It contains Honey,Turmeric,Ginger,Sal Tree,and Fenugreek .These key ingredients have Antibacterial ,Antiseptic and Antibacterial properties help heal cracked heels.This is very effective and has a pleasing fragrance.I used this every night before going to bed and it works very well on my dry feet.




I recommend Himalaya FootCare Cream .It is affordable,convenient and portable.The thick creamy texture is perfect for dry feet .Use daily to make your feet soft and smooth.

Be Beautiful



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Stay Clean & Healthy Ft. Himalaya PureHands Hand Sanitizer.

Get Clean ,Healthy & Refreshing Hands With Himalaya PureHands Hand Sanitizer!!

Washing your hands with soap and water can protect you from germs.But  when you are outside and if no water and soap are available,Hand sanitizer comes to the rescue.Hand Sanitizer kills germs and prevents infection.Hand sanitizer is a liquid that contain alcohol  to kill the germs presents on our skin.Hand sanitizers are easy to use,convenient and portable. There are many uses of Hand Sanitizer .You can clean or disinfects things and because it contains alcohol,it works as a good cleanser.Today I am Partnering up with Himalaya Wellness to share their new PureHands Hand Sanitizers and their uses.


Product Details:

Himalaya’s PureHands is an effective,alcohol based sanitizer,which kills 99.9% germs,prevents infection and ensures total hand hygiene.

Available in 5 variants:

  • Green apple
  • Lemon
  • Litchi
  • Oranage
  • Strawberry






Price: Rs. 175/- for 250ml; Rs.80- 90/- for 100ml; Rs.50- 60/- for 50ml.

Shop Here: Himalaya PureHands Hand Sanitizer.

Himalaya’s PureHands hand sanitizer comes in a cute transparent plastic bottle.These small size bottles are convenient and easy to carry.You can keep these bottles in Kitchen,your office,cars and your travel bags.The consistency is thick gel which gets absorbed quickly without feeling sticky .They are affordable and come in different variants. Their fragrances are amazing and keep your hands smelling fresh.These sanitizers contain extracts of herbs like Coriander,Hrivera,Lime,Ushira and Neem which has antibacterial and deodorizing properties.It contains moisturizer that prevents irritation and dryness.The product is clinically tested and safe for use.

Directions For Use:

To use hand sanitizers effectively, take coin sized gel on your palms and rub it over on your palms,back of you hands, finger nails and grooves briskly until dry.No water is required after use.You can use it for hands cleansing when soap and water are not available.Besides cleansing there are many uses.

  • Use it before touching and eating food.
  • Before and after attending a sick person,baby or infants.
  • During travel and after using public toilets.
  • After handling pets or animals.
  • After doing households work like cleaning,dusting,garbage etc.
  • Use to clean and disinfectants keyboards .
  • Give Your phones’ screen a shine and a good sanitizing.
  • Sanitize your makeup brushes after washing them.
  • Remove sticky residue from labels.
  • you can clean your sunglasses .
  • Remove stains from clothes as it contains alcohol.

I recommend Himalaya’s PureHands Hand Sanitizer.They are affordable,portable and versatile.I personally like their Lemon Varient.Which one is your favourite?



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Add Color & Fun In Your Life Ft. INDIA CIRCUS

Bring Colors And Fun Into Your Life With India Circus Home Decor & Personal Accessories!!

Colors bring joy and fun into your life .The bright color and fun pattern attracts me and gives positive energy. Accessories of Decor or personal accessories are the best way to add color and make the place bright and happy .Today I am so much excited to be partnering up with  my favorite brand India Circus,which adds head-turning color and pattern to everything from your personal accessories to your home.

India Circus offers contemporary -chic,sophisticated , and affordable style for various areas of your life ,from home decor to personal accessories.They offer a diverse and distinct array of moods and tones,which represents India.The vibrancy of the colors combined with the nuanced heritage of the designs makes each piece created at India Circus exceptional. India Circus seeks to curate the essence of life in India,and transcribe this loud and colorful experience into contemporary and sophisticated style.

Check their full website here: India Circus.

Scroll down to see what I received from them.

Roadside Funk Travel Wallet

Shop Here: Wallet.




This wallet feature an image of a nook at the Chandni Chowk,one of the oldest and busiest market in old Delhi.The wallet is  lightweight and sturdy,which is ideal for travel.

Pop Patriot Duffle Bag :

Shop Here: Duffle bag.




I love this bag,the print and colors i loved the most.The bag is made of leather and has perfect size.You can keep your travel essentials organized in it.

Chevron Melavo Glass Tumbler:

Shop Here: Glass -Tumbler.



Chevron Melavo are a trending range of tumbler glasses by India Circus.The glass has blue colored zig zagged print.This bold print will add color and drama to your table space.

India Circus is full of  Colors and designs.Check their website for a unique collection of home decor and  accessories..

Be Beautiful