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Indus Valley-Premium Weekend Winter Care & Spa- Head To Toe Guide For Your winter Skincare

No More Dry Dull Skin- Head To Toe Guide For Winter Skincare In Budget!!          

Bring  Spa At Home,Where You Feel More Comfortable!!

Winter is the time when our skin tends to Dry ,Itchy and Flaky.The dry wind,chilly weather makes our skin dry a dull. Your skin needs more pampering to keep it glowing and hydrated.This Winter season i am partnering up with Indus-Valley to share my new addition to my skincare routine. Indus Valley is an Ayurvedic cosmetic brand with the range of natural organic  certified hair care and skin care products.


Indus- Valley has come up with two new ranges PREMIUM WEEKEND WINTER CARE & SPA KIT AND WEEKEND WINTER CARE AND SPA KIT this winter for a complete comprehensive solution to skin and haircare during winters.I am so glad i received their Premium Weekend Winter Care And Spa Kit.The kit is full of skincare and haircare products.The products are natural and perfect for your winter pampering sessions.So get winter ready with their winter care essentials and pamper yourself even during the chilling winters.


Availability: Indus valley

Price: Rs, 1999/- (Actual price is 2.3k but they are offering the box at discounted price.Go and grab the box .)

The box contains a bundle of Hair,Skin and Face care products:

Bio Organic Skin Care Oil:  Rs 499/- for 60ml.


This multipurpose oil helps to improve uneven skin tones,scars & stretch marks.The oil is great for moisturizing and hydrating skin and can be used as a makeup remover.

Bio Organic Almond Oil: Rs. 199/- for 100ml.


This oil is made of pure almonds.It is safe for sensitive skin,and even on babies.It is easily absorbed by skin and won’t clog pores,promotes soft,clear & healthy skin.

Bio Organic Coconut Oil:Rs. 199/- for 175ml.


This oil is cold-pressed and 100% natural coconut oil.It keeps your hair smooth & shiny and your skin glowing all day long.

Bio Organic Olive Oil: Rs. 199/- for 100ml.


The olive oil is made up of cold pressing of freshly picked olives.It helps in getting rid of free damage done due to exposure to sun.Daily olive oil massage helps to strengthen bones and muscles.

Bio Organic Hair Eaze Spa: Rs. 299/- f0r 175ml.


The non- irritating hair mask works as a daily moisturizing,deepnourishing,absolute repair and detangling mask.The creamy texture spreads easily and rinses easily .This mask is ideal for those with sensitive, itchy scalps.

Bio Organic Argan Hair Care Oil :Rs. 499/- for 60ml.


The Argan oil from Morocco is a light oil and works great for hair styling ti be used as a conditioning and styling.

Bio Organic Argan HairShampoo: Rs. 149/- for 100ml.


The Argan oil shampoo is a light creamy texture conditioning shampoo with argan oil ans six super natural plant ingredients.It gently cleanse,moisturize & nourish hair.

Bio Organic Retexturing Night Cream: Rs. 250/- for 50ml.


This Ayurvedic cream helps to repair & maintain your facial skin naturally.

Spa At Home:

  • Take equal amount of Olive ,Almond and Coconut oil and massage the oil into scalp and full body.
  • Take towel ,dip it in hot water and squeeze out excess water and wrap your hair with damp towel.Wait for 15 minutes.


  • Take 3-4 drops of Almond oil and massage on your face ,paying attention to the area around your eyes.
  • Wash your hair with Argan shampoo .
  • After shampooing,apply Hair Eaze Spa on scalp and hair.Leave on for 15minutes then rinse well.
  • Apply 1-2 drops of hair care oil to clean,towel dried hair from mid length to ends.
  • Take few drops of skin care oil and apply & gently massage to your skin.
  • Enjoy your shiny soft hair and skin.



I highly recommend this kit as it is affordable and have all essential products for winter skincare.You can bring spa at home,where you feel more comfortable. All the products are natural and safe for all skin types.

Happy Winter



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The Body Shop SHEA Exfoliating Sugar Body Scrub-A Hydrating Winter Scrub

Moisturize Your Winter Skin While Exfoliating Dry skin Away!!

Dry and flaky skin is a common skin problem in the Winter time.A good scrub is important for healthy beautiful skin in winter as exfoliation is the key to get back your hydrated glowing skin.Today I am sharing The Body Shop Shea Body Scrub that not only exfoliate but it also moisturizes your dry winter skin.It helps to remove dead skin cells and provides hydration to skin.



Price : Rs 1295/– For 100ml.

Shop Here: The Body Shop.

The Shea body scrub comes in a round tub packaging with all information printed on it.The packaging is sturdy and easy to use.The scrub is in off white color and has nutty scent.It’s sugary texture melts easily onto the body and adds a touch of luxury to your exfoliating routine.



The scrub contains Organic sugar , Shea butter and Soya oil which Exfoliate ,condition and moisturize the skin.It has sugary texture,rich and thick consistency .This scrub is great for winter and dry skin.It leaves a moisturized coating on skin.I scoop out little amount from my finger and massage gently onto wet skin and then rinse thoroughly. I felt my skin soft and smooth after using it.  It provides a good hydration to my skin. The scrub melts as soon as i put it onto my skin. It spreads easily. Its a mild scrub which helps to clean your skin and removes dead skin.Since this scrub provide moisture it is great for winter dry skin.I use this scrub in alternate days.DSC_8085



I recommend this gentle moisturizing scrub as it smells great and works well for dry  skin.The best part is that this scrub will leave you with soft skin and you don’t need to follow-up with heavy body butter.

Happy Winter




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Get Soft Skin Like A Rose-The Body Shop British Rose Shower Gel🌹🌹

🌹Hello Winter!! Get ready for the soft and glowing skin like a rose this winter…

Hello Beautiful! Today I am sharing The Body Shop British Rose Shower Gel from their best-selling British Rose Skin Care Range.This collection is infused with pure Rose essence for a light floral scent to gently hydrate and cleanse skin.


Product Detail:

  • Soap Free Cleanser.
  • Rose scented and lather rich.
  • Enriched with the essence of hand-picked roses.

Price : Rs 450/- for 250ml.

My Experience: The Body Shop British Rose  Shower Gel comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a black cap.The packaging is very classy .The shower gel contains little pink tint and the consistency is little thick.The gel lather up very well and cleanse the skin without leaving dry.This is the perfect cleanser to get all day hydration. The fragrance is so soothing and perfect to start your day.The hand picked roses make skin soft and glowing.



Shop Here: The Body shop, Amazon.

Awaken your winter morning with the dewy scent of Roses.This is the perfect Shower gel for winter to get soft and beautiful skin and the rosy fragrance is the best part .I absolutely love this shower gel and recommend this to get soft skin like a rose.

Happy winter.🌹Be Gorgeous.


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Get Soft Skin In Winter- The Body Shop VITAMIN E Nourishing Body Butter

Hello Winter!!Winter call for pampering your skin.Extra Dry skin,Rough Elbows and Knees,Itchiness needs rich and hydrating body lotion,something that leave extra softness to your skin.

Hello Gorgeous!! Today I am reviewing The Body ShopVITAMIN E Nourishing Body Butter for all your winter skincare.Chilly winds  makes your skin dry and rough,therefore it is important to keep your skin moisturized.The Body Shop -VITAMIN E Body butter is my  perfect Winter Skincare Partner.



Product Details:

  • Vitamin Enriched body butter.
  • Great for All skin types.
  • Contains Vitamin E and moisturizing Wheatgerm oil.
  • 24 hours Hydration.
  • Neutral Scent.

Price: Rs.1095/- for 200ml.

My Experience: When I think of The Body shop,I think of their little tubs of creamy body butter.These body butter are their iconic product and comes in different flavors.The packaging is pretty stylish.The product is in light pink color and thick in consistency.The formula is very creamy and melts straight in and leave skin soft and smooth.I use the product straight after a bath or shower .It provides hydration up to 8-9 hours.The creamy formula absorbs easily into the skin without leaving dry or oily effect.It has neutral scent like all other winter cream.The product is great for all skin types and enriched with Vitamin E and Wheatgerm oil for extra nourishment.



Shop Here:  The Body Shop, Amazon.

I recommend this for your winter skincare.Try this winter to get soft and glowing skin.These body butter are available in different flavors.Do tell me your favorite body butter.

Happy Winter. Be Gorgeous.